Now is the perfect time to treat your lawns!

Find yourself thinking of those luscious lawn dreams? 

At Welby Garden Centre we've got a range of fertilizers and seed to get your lawn in tip top shape for the coming season. All your favourite brands including Canturf, Neutrog, Katek & The Garden Experts.   

When should you fertilize your lawn? 

As the weather warms up, so does the soil. Your lawn will now be beginning to break it's Winter dormancy. After your first couple of Spring mows is the perfect time to think about fertilizing, as the lawn is actively growing.  

Why should you fertilize your lawn?

As grass grows, it uses valuable nutrients held in the soil. It's important to replenish these to ensure the health of the lawn. Not only does your lawn look better, but it also assists in creating a healthy lawn space that ensures weeds are kept at bay.

Our range of slow release pelletized fertilizers ensure a slow and consistent application of essential nutrients are fed into the soil over the season. 

We also have a range of Canturf Lawn Seed, well suited to the Southern Highlands that can help fill in any gaps.

Feel free to pop in to the Garden Centre and have a chat to our friendly & knowledgeable staff about what options are right for you.