Camellias, Azaleas & Rhododendrons

Welby Garden Centre stocks a large range of Camellias, Azaleas & Rhododendrons. 

There are many Camellia species, but the ones grown in most gardens fall under Camellia sasanqua & Camellia japonica, or hybrids of these.

Camellia sasanqua - first of the camellias to flower, in Autumn. Mostly whites & pinks with some reds, flowers are loose and elegant. Smaller flowers, about 10cm wide last a few days before they begin to drop. 
Happiest in acidic soil, in a partly shaded position. Protect flowers from morning sun, as the dew can burn them. 
Some crowd favourites include Yuletide, Paradise Blush, Edna Butler, Early Pearly & Bonsai Baby. 

Camellia japonica - flowering a little later, Winter into Spring, japonicas put on a spectacular show. Larger blooms, from whites through to pinks and deep reds. Flowers can be single, semi - double, double, formal double and peony style, and hold for a few weeks. Larger, darker, glossier leaves than sasanquas help to create an impact in your garden.
Slightly less sun tolerant than camellia sasanqua, happiest in acidic soil. 
Some crowd favourites include Lovelight, Bob Hope, Elegans Splendour & Kramer's Supreme.


Azaleas arrive at our nursery in late Autumn, early Spring. Their bright Spring flowers create brilliant colour in your garden. Being evergreen, they give your garden space lush greenery throughout the year.
Some crowd favourites include the ENCORE Series, Mrs Kint, Flamingo, Luci & Elsa Karga.
Preferring acidic soil and a partly shaded position, they are a brilliant addition to any garden space. 


For something a little taller, look at rhododendrons. Some crowd favourites include Sir Robert Peel, Blue Tit, Christmas Cheer & Wedding Gown.



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